1. I bought my first pair of leggings/tights specifically meant to be worn as pants. I had previously sworn never to do that because I knew I would look awful and didn’t even want to see it let alone pay for it.


    I have been dancing sexy in front of my mirror for like ten minutes in the skin-tight-est all black outfit I could have dreamed up and DAMN my curves look good.

    I started working out, joined a gym, etc. 6 days ago, and there is no visible difference yet of course but the change in my attitude toward myself is significant—and the amount of energy I have to dance off in front of the mirror.

  2. Needed this.

  3. this is our time and our place to be seen in a whole different light, it just might change our lives. #lyrics #selfie #thesunstreak

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    • two songs
    • two bands
    • two actors
    • two actresses
    • two singers
    • two movies
    • two books
    • two characters
    • two ships
    • two shows
    • two anything

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  7. #Belle chewed through my laptop cord so I powered up good old Jasper… still running (enough) after 7 years of the torture that is being my computer. :P

  8. #Belle all day err’ day.

  9. My TARDIS socks / Yule present from miss @ashleyrealitymurphy, the way I think they were meant to be worn 😘😘

  10. Hello #upclose #personal #kisses

  11. He’s got fire in his eyes. #benji #kitty


  12. So it’s almost Tuesday…

    And if any of these so called “followers” wants to see my boobies in the next 25 hours y’all need to go follow my girl m0llyyelizabeth. She doesn’t have any posts yet really but she’s super cute and cool and amazing! Plus I’m skipping topless tuesday indefinitely unless she gets some love.

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  14. My new whhhhip yo #whateverthatmeans #ithinkitsslangforcar

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