1. Did Patty’s hurr :) #knotbraid #mydrunkstylist

  2. I caught her mid-bite and told her to cheese it up. She delivered. 😍😁😍😁

  3. Well shit, there goes all my free time.

  4. My favorite healthy snack, tastes like dessert, feels like lunch. Fresh strawberries in low-fat vanilla yogurt.

  5. My first endeavor into jewelry making… gonna try something with more wire after I finish this rainbow bracelet!

  6. Patty photobombing Lex’s really cool selfie…

  7. I think Dan might have peed himself but the Steel Hawk was AMAZING!!!!! 301 ft in the air!

  8. Breakfast of champions.

  9. @jamieannm and I are the literal cutest. #love #galaxys5

  10. Sancho Meiners basking in the glory of a clean home #summercleaning #notathing #sancho #littledog #latergram #homesweethome

  11. Patty’s new bedroom… her dream come true, bed located 5 feet from the fridge lol. Four girls and two dogs in a 2-bedroom house #wemakeitwork 😂😂


  12. My affection comes and goes like precipitation, sometimes in the form of a warm summer rain and sometimes a fierce winter storm. Nobody should have to tolerate the drought that occupies the between-time, but I’m holding out hope that someday someone will.

  13. Will work 4th of July for chocolate. Thanks boss.

  14. #notdrunk

  15. Jacoozyyy